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  • Do I get charged monthly if I sign up for an agent account?
    No, Roomvu does not have a subscription fee; all you need to do is register, share and sell.

  • Is this account a time-limited free trial?
    No. You sign up and your account and several of the features that come with it are free!

  • Why do I need to sign up for an Agent account?
    In order to get access to most of free and premium features of Roomvu, such as:
    • Agent Profile page (Free)
    • Automated Virtual Videos for a board’s MLS® System's active listings (Free)
    • Sharing Virtual Videos on social media (Free)
    • Automated Feature Sheets (Free for a limited time)

  • How do I sign up for an agent account?
    If you are an agent, you can register for your free agent account here. (Instruction video coming soon)

  • Why do you ask for my board’s MLS® System email when signing up for an agent account?
    We ask you to use the same email you use with Paragon so we can verify if your listings is in a board’s MLS® System's database and give you access to all your active listings.

  • I signed up, but I don’t see my listings when I log in! What’s the issue?
    It could be that you accidentally signed up for a regular user account instead of an agent account. But don’t worry, simply call at at 1 (855) 414-6637 or email us at and we’ll get it fixed for you right away.

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  • What is a Roomvu Profile page for Agents?
    This is a completely free page on Roomvu that is fully dedicated to you, your branding your listings. Your Profile page serves as a mini-website for your business, which can be shared with your clients to showcase all your active listings in one place.

  • Why do I need a profile page?
    Since your Profile page is completely FREE, it saves you hundreds of dollars a months on website maintenance fees. There are other websites that charge up to $50/month for similar features, but that’s not how Roomvu does things. We want to make it easy for you to get the exposure you need, so you get your Profile page for free.

  • How do I add my listings to my profile page?
    It’s all done automatically for you. As soon as you list a property on a board’s MLS® System, Roomvu will automatically add it to your Profile page.

  • What can I do with my Profile page?
    You can share it:
    • - You get a shareable link for your Profile page (it’s located next to your profile picture).
    • - Include this link in your business emails, share it on your social media or on messaging apps such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber and Telegram and invite your clients to view your latest listings all in one place.

    You can customize your branding to better promote yourself, your business and your listings.
    • - Please refer to the next question for details and instructions on customizing your profile page.

  • How can I customize my Profile page?
    Currently, the following customizations are possible:
    • - The tagline/business slogan in the top banner. Your tagline will also be displayed in all Virtual Videos of your listings.
    • - Company or brokerage logo in the top banner. Your logo will also be displayed in all your listing pages on Roomvu.
    • - Profile picture. Roomvu will also display your profile picture in your listing pages to emphasize your branding
    • - “About Me” section. This section allows you to introduce yourself in your own words, discuss your area of expertise and what makes you the best at what you do!

  • Can I change the page colors/templates?
    We are working on adding this feature; however, at this time it’s not available.

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  • How much do you charge for your services?
    Please refer to the following table for a complete list of Roomvu’s services and complimentary offerings.
    Service Price* (per listing) Free Complimentary Offering
    Real-360 Immersive tour $ 99.99 (< 3500 sqft)
    $ 109.99 (> 3500 sqft)
    10% Discount on first Real-360 tour
    Still Photography $89.99 (when combined with a Real-360 tour or Floor plans)
    $99.99 (Photos only)
    20 Photos
    Optimized for the free Virtual-Video tour
    Floor plans $ 99.99 (< 3500 sqft)
    $134.99 (1500 - 2000 sqft)
    $149.99 (2000 - 2500 sqft)
    $169.99 (2500 - 3000 sqft)
    $179.99 (3000 - 3500 sqft)
    $199.99 (3500 - 4000 sqft)
    7c/sqft (> 4000 sqft)
    Currently available for: Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Coquitlam, Burnaby
    Automated Virtual Video tour Free Branding and customization options when registered for a free agent account.
    Automated Feature Sheet Free for a limited time (Coming soon) Branding and customization options when registered for a free agent account.
    Agent Profile Free Branding Personalization Options

  • What are the areas of coverage for your premium service (Real-360 tour and professional photography)?
    We have coverage in cities across canada. Please take a look at the table below:
    Province City Areas/Sub areas
    Alberta Clagary City Centre East West North North East North West South South East South West
    Edmonton Central region Northwest region Northeast region West region Southwest region Southeast region Millwoods
    British Columbia Greater Vancouver Area All of West Vancouver All of North Vancouver All of Vancouver West-side, including Downtown, Kerrisdale, Kitsilano and UBC All of Vancouver East, including Marpole and Renfrew Burnaby North Burnaby South New Westminster Coquitlam, Including Port Coquitlam Port Moody Surrey, Including White Rock Richmond and Delta
    Other parts of Lower Mainland Langley Fraser Valley (please inquire) Chilliwack (please inquire) Abbotsford (please inquire)
    Victoria and the Islands All of City of Victoria Oak Bay Esquimalt Langford
    Ontario Greater Toronto Area All of Downtown & Toronto West All of Toronto North & Midtown All of Toronto East & East York Mississauga Brampton All of Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa Uxbridge and Scugog Richmond Hill Vaughan Newmarket & Aurora All of King Markham Whitchurch-Stouffville Oakville & Burlington Milton Halton Hills
    Hamilton All of Hamilton
    Ottawa Central East West South and South West
    Niagara Falls Niagara Falls St Catharines Welland Port Colbrone Stevensville Fort Erie

  • How much does it cost to get professional still photos for my listing?
    Please see this table

  • Do you offer floor plans and feature sheets?
    Yes, we do, but at the moment it’s only for specific areas, and it’s only available when booked with another one of our paid services.

    Please be advised that we DO NOT provide E&O insurance on floor plans. Please see this table for rates and coverage areas of this service.

  • Does Roomvu collect Leads?
    No. Roomvu only acts as intermediary to forward contact requests from buyers and forward their information to you. So keep a close eye for when you receive an email from Roomvu, because that could be your next sale!

  • Who gets the contact of people filling in the contact form below my listing?
    You will receive an email from Roomvu with the contact info of the person that has inquired about your listing. You get the leads!

  • I have questions or a problem, who do I talk to?
    We are always ready to help you with all your inquiries, whether is to set up a booking or to help you navigating the website. Here’s how you can get in touch with us:
    • Main line: (604) 369-9535
    • Toll-free: 1 (855) 414-6637
    • Email:

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  • Are the automated Virtual Videos free? what’s the catch?
    Yes, this is a free feature and there is no catch. This video will be available as long as your listing is active on a board’s MLS® System. Don’t forget to register for a free agent account here to access branding and customization options.

  • What if I change my listing photos or change the property information?
    We’ve thought of that and we have a brilliant solution. All you need to do is change the listing information or photos on your end and the video will update on its own soon after. The shareable link also stays the same while showing the updates, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

  • Which areas are the Virtual Video tours (automatically generated videos) available for?
    We just expanded to provide coverage of the automated Virtual Videos for residential listing in several provinces across Canada including: Alberta, BC, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island.

  • Do I need to do my listing photos with Roomvu to get a free Virtual Video tour?
    Not at all. Your Virtual Videos are automatically generated using whatever photos you have posted on a board’s MLS® System for your listing, even if they were not taken by Roomvu photographers.

  • Yes. After logging in your Roomvu account, there are two ways to download Virtual Videos of your listings:
    On your Profile page, it’s available for every listing after clicking on ‘Share’ button.
    If you have already opened a listings page, you will find a separate button for downloads next to ‘share’ button.
    Please be advised that choosing to download the virtual video means that you either own the rights to the photos or you have obtained required permissions from their copyright owner. If you are not the owner of the photos posted on a board’s MLS® System, you must obtain the permission of the rightful owner (in most cases the photographer) of this material. Roomvu does not assume any responsibility for copyright infringement claims due to improper access.
    When your photos have been done by Roomvu photographers, you do not need to worry about getting permissions or any other copyright conflicts.

  • Will you start charging for this service soon?
    No, we intend to keep the automated Virtual Videos a free service so all Realtors have powerful and accessible tools for promoting listings.

  • Is there a subscription fee for this service?
    No, there are no subscription fees. These automated tours are available for all listing under a board’s MLS® System's reciprocity. Make sure to register for your free agent account here so you can get access to automated videos of all your listings.

  • If these are free, then how are you making money?
    Our monetization comes from our paid services and features such as Real-360 Immersive tour and professional photography as outlined in the  table above.  However, you do not need to book for a Real-360 tour to get your free automated Virtual Video tour.

  • Can I share my listing without registering for an agent account?
    free agent account free agent account, so we can verify your listings on a board’s MLS® System database and give you access to all of your listings in one place.

  • How do you get my listing info?
    We get listing information in accordance with a board’s MLS® System's reciprocity. This includes listing information and photos. This also allows us to ensure all the information displayed in the automated tours are accurate by being in sync with a board’s MLS® System. If you make any changes to your listing information and/or photos, those changes will be applied to the Virtual Videos automatically.

  • I received a video of my listing in an email from Roomvu, how do I get similar videos for my other listings?
    It’s very simple! Register for a free agent account here.. We ask that you use the same email address you use on a board’s MLS® System's Paragon, so we can verify your listings in the a board’s MLS® System's database. Then, you will receive a verification email within seconds, which will prompt you to set up your account pick a password. Then you can log in and you’ll see all your active listings in your agent dashboard. It all takes just a few seconds.

  • How can I get maximum exposure?
    Share! Share! Share! Share your listing video links on different platforms such as Paragon, social media, and messaging apps such as Whatsapp, WeChat etc. And Roomvu has made this easy for you. Via your free agent account, you can share your customized Virtual Video directly to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and you will receive a unique shareable link that you can copy and use for all other apps and platforms.

  • How can I share my listing video?
    After logging in to your agent account, you will find a ‘Share’ button below each listing’s video. From there, you can share directly to some social media account. For sharing anywhere else, under the ‘share tab’ you will find a unique shareable link that you can copy and paste on your Paragon as a virtual tour link. You can use the same link for sharing within your marketing emails or on messaging apps such as WeChat, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.

  • I re-listed a property, can I get a new video?
    Of course! As soon as the relisted property goes active, you can log in to your agent account on Roomvu where you can find your relisted property and its video.

  • I have co-listed a property, but only the name of one of the listing agents shows up. How can I fix this?
    All co-listing agents will have access to the listing via their own separate Roomvu account.

  • Since these videos are automatically generated, what if I have other questions?
    Our friendly staff is always looking forward to helping you with all your questions. Get in touch with us:
    • Main line: (604) 369-9535
    • Toll-free: 1 (855) 414-6637
    • Email:

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  • How can I change the listing information in these automated videos?
    Your automated Virtual Video is fully in sync with a board’s MLS® System. If you need to change any of the photos and/or listing information, you can simply do so by changing it on a board’s MLS® System and it will be automatically updated in the video.

  • I changed the price or added new listing info, how can I remake this video to show the changes?
    Your automated Virtual Video is fully in sync with a board’s MLS® System, which means that any change you made on a board’s MLS® System will be automatically applied to your Virtual Video in real time.

  • Some of the info displayed isn’t right, can you change it for me?
    To maintain the integrity of listings, we don’t manually change any of the information from a board’s MLS® System. However, if you need to make a correction to some of the information, and/or change the photos, you can do so my changing it on a board’s MLS® System. Any change you make on a board’s MLS® System will appear in your automated video in real time.

  • I changed some info on a board’s MLS® System but it’s not showing in the video, why?
    Depending on a board’s MLS® System's response time, occasionally it could take anywhere between a couple of minutes to a few hours until the changes appear in the video. Try refreshing your browser after an hour and you should see all the changes. If there are any issues, get in touch with us and we’ll look into it.

  • What happens to my customizations when I change the info in a board’s MLS® System?
    Your customizations remain intact even after you make changes on a board’s MLS® System. Only a board’s MLS® System information are affected and updated automatically.

  • How can I change insights and statistics?
    After logging in to your agent account, use the checkboxes below the video panel to include or exclude particular insights from the Virtual Video, and then click on ‘Update’ to apply these changes.

  • How do you come up with these insights for each listing?
    Roomvu uses advanced algorithms and computer modeling to calculate these numbers for each listing based on the most current market trends, using only listings that fall within the same category and requirements as your listing.

  • I don’t want my name displayed, how do I make sure no one sees my name and contact info in the video?
    If you don’t share the URL that Roomvu has emailed you, or the shareable URL that you get after logging in to your agent account, then your name and contact info will not be displayed when people land on your listing on Roomvu.

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  • Are automated Feature Sheets free?
    They are free for a limited time, and you can download the PDF file after logging in your account, so enjoy them without worrying about the cost.

  • How are the automated Feature Sheets made?
    They are made from the information that is posted on a board’s MLS® System for each listing. If you see any inconsistencies, you can always update the information on a board’s MLS® System's, wait about 6 hours, and try downloading the Feature Sheet again.

  • Can I edit or modify any of the information in a Feature Sheet?
    If it’s a board’s MLS® System's information, you can always change it on their respective platform and then download the the Feature Sheet so it reflects the new changes. The additional information such as Walk Score, Transit Score, School Catchments, etc are added automatically to the feature sheets and unfortunately we cannot manually change them at this time.

  • Can I change the template or color of the feature sheet?
    We are working on bringing this option in the near future; however, it’s not available this time.

  • How can add my photo, logo, tagline or website address to feature sheets?
    As long as you customize any of these in your Profile page, they will be automatically added to the feature sheets too. All you have to do is make sure your Profile page is up to date!

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  • What is a Real-360 tour? how does it differ from other services?
    It’s one of the most realistic and innovative ways to showcase listings, and now, Roomvu has made it affordable for all listing types. Real-360 tours allow clients to walk through every room of a property virtually for and gives a realistic feel of the property to the clients, as if they’re physically there! Click here to demo Roomvu Real-360 Immersive tour and get more information.

  • What areas do you cover for Real-360 tours?
    We provide coverage for several cities across Canada. Please see  this table  for more info.

  • How many rooms and shots does a Real-360 tour include?
    As many rooms and shots that’s needed for a listing to make sure nothing gets left out in showcasing your listing to the fullest. it’s all built in our affordable prices.

  • How can I book a Real-360 Immersive tour?
    You can use our easy booking online form here. Alternatively, you can email us at or call us at (604) 369-9535.

  • How long does it take to book for a Real-360 tour?
    The same day or within 24 hours. It’s our mission to accommodate your booking inquiries at your earliest convenience.

  • What’s the turnaround time for Real-360 tours?
    24 hours or less per listing. So, if you’re getting virtual tours done for more than one listing, you can advise us which listing tour you’d like produced first and we’ll produce them accordingly.

  • Do I get still photos with my Real-360 tour too?
    For Real-360 tours we must use a special 360 camera that does not take regular still photos. Therefore, we cannot use the photos taken by 360 cameras instead of stills. However, we offer professional photography for an additional 84.99 only per listing, which gives you 20 edited photos.

  • Do the Real-360 tours work on mobile and other devices?
    Yes, our technology is compatible with all different device types, including Android and iOS devices and desktop computers. In fact, for a more realistic experience, we recommend to view the Real-360 tours on smartphones and tablets

  • Do I need to download an app to view Real-360 tours?
    Not at all. Roomvu Real-360 tours run directly within your internet browser.

  • Can I display the Real-360 tour directly in my personal website at no extra charge?
    Absolutely! Just let us know and we’ll provide the iframe code, which can be used to embed the Real-360 tour directly on your personal website. Please consult your website admin for more information.

  • How do I navigate inside a Real-360 tour?
    Think of it as if you are walking through a property and follow the path. Drag inside the tour to rotate left, right, up or down.To move forward and go to other rooms, click or tap on the connecting floating bubbles corresponding to each room. If you want to go back, turn around by dragging inside the tour and click on the arrow bubble corresponding to the previous room.

  • What do different buttons and icons in the Real-360 tour do?
    Arrow bubbles: your connection to move forward and backward to other rooms of the property
    Auto-rotate: does a slow speed rotation of the room you’re viewing
    Listing Info: a pop up window will display the main information of the listing
    Current location: displays the name of the room you’re currently at.
    Arrow bubbles: your connection to move forward and backward to other rooms of the property
    Gyroscope: On tablets and mobile devices, turning on gyro will track the motion of your hands and body to automatically sync your perspective of the room, just as if you’re turning your head to look around. You can continue dragging inside the tour even when gyro is on, or you may turn it off to go back to continue dragging only. Try it, it’s one of our favorite features!

  • How to switch back and forth between the Real-360 tour and the Virtual Video?
    For each listing, use the button below the tour panel to alternate between Real-360 and Virtual Video tours.

  • Can I post a Real-360 tour on YouTube?
    Since Real-360 tours are meant to be immersive and interactive, it’s not possible to post them on YouTube. However, we have you covered for a YouTube video with our automated Virtual Video tours to make sure you have wide exposure on YouTube as well.

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  • How did you get my email?
    Under the CASL implied consent, our list contains only agents whose email addresses were published on their personal or brokerage websites or online profiles. Specifically: Recipient’s e-mail address was conspicuously published or sent to you. The address was disclosed without any restrictions and your message relates to the recipient’s functions or activities in a business or official capacity.

    We have been collecting and updating our list since 2017, always providing an Unsubscribe mechanism in our emails. If you are receiving email blasts from our clients and would like to be removed from all our clients’ lists, please contact us at and mention the email address that’s receiving the emails.

    On the other hand, if you are interested in being added to our list, contact us at, and we will ensure that you receive the latest updates from our clients.

  • Why should I sign up? is it free?
    Yes, it’s completely free. By signing up you unlock your access to unlimited listing information and exciting useful features such as creating your own collection of favorite listings and easily sharing them with family and friends, getting notified of new listings that match your search criteria, and much more! You can save your preferences so you don't have to search all over again every time.

  • How can I create multiple lists of my favorite finds?
    To save and add listings to an existing or new collection, look for the the ‘save’ icon on the listing page.
    This button prompts you to add it to one of your already-existing collections, or you can create a new collection on the same pop up page.
    You can always review your collections by going to My Account > My Collections

  • How do I save some of the listings that I like, so I can access them quickly later on?
    Simply add them to “My Favorites” or another one of your collections, or make a new collection. You can access your collection by going to My Account > My Collections.
    Please review the instructions in the previous question for a step-by-step guide of using the collections.

  • I sent a request to get more information about a listing, but the listing agent didn’t reply. What do I do now?
    We’re sorry to hear that. Our priority is ensuring that you get the information you need quickly; that’s why we forward your contact inquiries directly to the listing agent. However, If you haven't heard back from them within 24 hours, please notify us by either
    • Main line (604) 369-9535
    • Toll-free 1 (855) 414-6637
    • Email
    • or simply re-submitting your contact information form
    and specifying that you haven't heard back from the listing agent. We’ll make sure to make alternative arrangements for you.

  • Why are some of the listing information blurred out?
    Based on a board’s MLS® System's reciprocity requirements, we are obligated to mask some of the information, but you can unlock all listing information by signing up for a free account here.

  • How can I join Roomvu as a freelance photographer?
    As our coverage and demands grows, we get more and more freelance jjphotographers on-board for different areas. You can look out for our job postings on social media and on Indeed. You can also send your resume to be considered for future expansions.

  • How can I get more information about the scope of work and requirements?
    You can contact us and we will email you our Information Booklet, which should give the answer to most of your questions. To contact us, email: and put “Re: Prospect Photographer for [name of your city]”. Do not forget to include a link to your photography portfolio in the email.

  • What are the general requirements for joining Roomvu?
    All photographers joining Roomvu are expected to either have experience with professional real-estate photography. You will be required to submit a portfolio/ samples of your work in real estate.

    If you do not have previous experience in real estate photography, in order to be considered you must provide samples that would demonstrate your skills in real estate photography. You can use your own home or a friend’s home to shoot. The space itself and decorations are not important, but it’s important how you shoot it.

    You are required to have your own camera body, tripod and appropriate lenses. For 360 camera requirements, you can bring your own or use Roomvu’s options to acquire one. More details are in the information Booklet.

  • Will I be employed by Roomvu?
    No, you will be considered a contractor who will collaborate with Roomvu.

  • How do you decide what areas of my city I should cover?
    You decide that; you have the freedom to choose the areas that are convenient for you based on our guidelinesou will be considered a contractor who will collaborate with Roomvu.

  • Is it full time? What are the working hours and days?
    It’s not full time, but your hours and availability all depends on you and is very flexible. You’ll get all the details you need in the Information Booklet.

  • How long will my contract last?
    We love to have long lasting relationships with skilled photographers, so your contract can potentially last as long as you would like it to last.

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