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About Pierre Van

Whether you are looking into buying a property for the first time, or needing to sell your current property, buying or selling a home is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be rocket science! An experienced, professional Realtor who understands your unique situation and breaks down the process step-by-step can get you the results you want.

My career prior to real estate includes a strong 22 year background in management as well as corporate purchasing and sales, which has honed excellence in negotiation and communication skills. My 20 year experience as a real estate investor has also contributed to an intimate knowledge of the Greater Vancouver market.
My multilingual, cross-culture backgrounds allow me to deliver my services to clients in Mandarin, Vietnamese, Cantonese and English. My skills and experience have put me in a unique position to represent clients with a personalized, one of a kind Real Estate service.
I believe in providing good marketing strategies to my clients for their unique individual needs, as well as arranging a solid support team behind them, encompassing a full range of services from Bank Financing, Legal Advice, Home Inspections, Quality Home Renovation and Moving & Staging Services to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible for my clients.

無論你是否第一次購買房屋或出售你的物業, 買或賣你的產業是一項重大的決策.雖然這項決策不至於是繁復的科學公程式, 但作為你的地產顧問需要對你的現況和立場有足夠的了解, 亦同時具有市場動態的分析能力, 解答你在買賣過程中的問題.
由2000年成為地產投資者的我, 不謹對地產市場有心得, 更在個人經驗方面累積了多年作為買方或賣方的心得. 憑我過去廿二年在企業界的採購和銷售管理經驗, 磨練了一份良好的溝通和談判技巧, 再加上我的文化背景, 讓我能為客戶提供廣東話, 越南語, 普通話和英語服務. 我相信憑我所具有的技能和經驗, 一定能為你解答一切關於置業安居或地產投資的問題.
我相信若能拫據我客戶個人獨特性的需求,來為他們提供一個好的營銷或採購策略, 安排一隊支持這過程的全面性專業服務團隊, 從銀行信貸; 法律咨詢; 房屋安全檢核; 優質家居或商務裝修, 搬遷服務等. 務求確保我的客戶能夠在毫無壓力之下, 從容地處理或應付, 甚至乎享受整個營銷或採購過程.

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    The Lou Family

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  • I am fortunate to have worked with Pierre as my realtor for several years with great success. Pierre is a very knowledgable, business-minded professional who works for the benefit of his clients. He always provides up-to-date factual information on t

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    Dr. Lawrence Lee

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  • I have been working with Pierre since 2013 in my real estate investments. He has helped me organize the entire relocation of my residence including selling my old home and helping me purchase my new home, all without me being physically present! He p

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    Bertha Li

    Buyer and Seller


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