roomvu Joins 2022 REACH Canada Cohort

Online Real Estate social media marketing, roomvu has been selected to participate in the REACH Canada 2022 scale-up program. 


REACH Canada is a unique technology scale-up program created by Second Century Ventures, the most active venture fund in real estate technology. Backed by the National Association of REALTORS®, SCV and REACH leverage the association’s more than 1.4 million members and a worldwide network of executives to help technology companies scale across the real estate vertical and its adjacent markets. The program provides education, mentorship, and market exposure to one of the world’s largest industries. For more on REACH Canada, visit

roomvu has been selected as one of ten tech companies invited to join the program. 

reach 2022

REACH leverages +100 worldwide bilateral partnerships in 85 countries and an unparalleled network of executives within the commercial and residential real estate marketplaces. Second Century Ventures’ REACH program manages a portfolio of more than 140 technology companies.


REACH launches and accelerates the most promising technology companies in the real estate and adjacent industries through an intensive event-based program. Based in Chicago, IL, REACH maintains an exceptional community of real estate industry executives, investors, developers, mentors, and entrepreneurs along with the global REACH network.

The ten companies chosen for the 2022 program are:

  1. roomvu
  2. Smart Alto
  3. Perch
  4. Openn
  5. Loft47
  6. Rental Beast
  7. Watrix
  8. Rise
  9. Simplicity Global
  10. UrbanImmersive

These companies work within a various array of markets and specializations, from helping real estate agents and brokers through the use of data and content, to creating tools that improve the efficiency and transparency of the real estate transaction.

“The REACH program has a proven track record of bringing cutting-edge technology to the forefront of the real estate landscape,” according to NAR CEO and SCV President Bob Goldberg. “From the beginning, our goal has been to help propel emerging firms into the global market, which in turn will help thousands of small businesses, millions of Realtors® and consumers everywhere. The addition of these companies will help bolster SCV’s and NAR’s efforts to drive innovation in our industry.”

Second Century Ventures is the most active global venture fund in real estate technology, with more than 150 portfolio companies across the world. SCV operates the global REACH scale-up program in five major markets – U.S. Residential, U.S. Commercial, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The award-winning REACH program empowers high growth-potential companies to scale across the real estate, financial services, banking, home services, and insurance industries.

roomvu, is an AI-powered automated video marketing for real estate professionals which produces and publishes unique video content to an agent’s social media channels.

roomvu was created by a Sam Mehrbod, a one-time real estate agent in Vancouver, Canada. Since January of this year, he’s had 8,000 agents sign up for Roomvu’s salient, streamlined marketing software.


According to Inman:


The web-based solution offers users ready-made video content. Organized by categories such as Market Updates, Neighborhood Reports, and Tips for Homebuyers, among others, Roomvu’s videos don’t merely repurpose weak stock footage. They look and perform as if each was built by a professional editor.

This is quick, consumable content most ideal for social media and email distribution, both of which can be done from within the application, either as-needed or through the calendar tool. Each video has an agent headshot and contact credentials, too.

Data that highlights market and neighborhood videos is pulled from current regional board affiliations, so it’s credible and geographically relevant.

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