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Texas new homes prices jump as Days on Market fall

Texas, Austin, Houston
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The New Home Sales Index showed the 3-mo MA of DOM ↓ in all 4 of Texas’s major new home markets. Total new home sales solely based on MLS data ↓ statewide in Texas and all 4 major new home markets last month. The avg price of new homes ↑ to $443,374 in August vs $437,693 in July. New home sales statewide and in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio were close to the asking price. Statewide, the 3-mo MA of the sales-to-list price ratio in August was 99.393% versus 99.391% in July. Pending new home sales posted lower numbers statewide, 2,796 in August vs 3,764 in July. Active listings statewide in August was 11,983 vs 11,073 in July, while Houston, Austin, and San Antonio posted higher active listings.

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Dallas, San Antonio