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To make SF livable, single-family zoning must be changed

San Francisco, Los Angeles
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US has become more diverse in the last decade, but it has not led to increased integration, and some believe restrictive zoning would contribute to it. 50% of SF residential lots are single-family, which, besides the waste of land use, has also a lack of diversity; a white majority vs. 36% in other zoning. About one-third of the Bay Area population live in single-family neighborhoods, perhaps why CA ranks 49th out of 50 states in per capita housing. Opportunity has a spatial footprint; but the reason is the lack of supply raising the prices, and consequently, the wealthiest residents outbid others. While Gov. recently signed SB-9, which allows duplexes on single-family zones, it is unlikely to address affordable and low-income housing. 93,500 out of 94,500 single-family residences in SF are eligible for SB-9, meaning a net change of 8,500 market feasible units; therefore, SB-9’s impact will be modest. The good news is that the local legislators are conferring ideas to find innovative

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