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Hunting More Welcoming Home Prices For SF’s Forgotten Middles

San Francisco
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The temporary downturn market during the pandemic faced competitive rents, and a lot of people are cheerful moving up to something bigger. With the high vaccination rates in SF enabling the city to open up more safely, people are returning in greater numbers. There are friendlier housing options for buyers and renters in the new condo market and rent-controlled apartment buildings, with median home prices at $1.8M. A 2-bed, 2-bath condo in SF Shipyard is for $849K vs a like-sized condo in Dogpatch for much more; $1.4M-$1.7M. Townhouse buyers might note 3-bedroom, 2-bath condos elsewhere fetching around $2M.In a city where rents currently avg $4,400/mo for 2-bedroom apartments, renters can find apartments priced hundreds of dollars less. Leases that are signed now or were at the pandemic trough, offer bargains to count on enduring as long as they stay in the residences.

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