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California ends single-family zoning

San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego
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CA makes up 12% of the U.S. population, but 28% of its homeless;1.8M homes are needed by 2025, but experts say 3.5M. This is why the governor signed two contentious measures, SB9 and SB10, aimed at increasing the housing supply. SB9 means Californians will now be able to convert their houses into up to four units, depending on the size of their plot. And SB10, that will make it easier for cities to build up to ten apartments on lands currently set aside for single-family homes. SB9 is possible on 5.4% of existing lots, ⁓ 700K new units, and probably be built slowly since the law depends on CA voluntarily renovation. SB9 is criticized for doing nothing to create affordable housing since the new duplexes will be cheaper than the single-family homes but may still be too pricey.

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Central Coast, California, Sacramento