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To Make Homeownership Affordable in CA, Rethink the Suburbs

San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego
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California’s leaders have adopted state and local policies that further reduce the prospect of homeownership for most Californians, particularly millennials. These policies largely cut off new development on the urban fringe and steer most new housing into the high-cost, congested coastal areas. In a drive to promote density and transit use, the state has also disfavored the kind of housing, especially the single-family variety. Even before the pandemic, population growth had slowed significantly in the LA metro region, with growth soaring in the Inland Empire. By contrast, Texas, with 25% fewer residents than CA, has permitted more than twice as many new housing units this year and has no housing crisis. The lack of affordable housing and policies that constrict housing development hit younger working, and middle-class people hardest.

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Central Coast, California, Sacramento