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Roomvu is a professional real estate marketing platform built specifically with real-estate agents marketing needs in mind. Our goal is to leverage technologies in order to make high-quality marketing services more affordable for all real estate agents across Canada.

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Jack Xu

NuStream Realty

Been a customer for a year and I never regretted it! Roomvu has helped me to save so much time in doing things like online marketing and open house branding. The quality of works provided were all excellent and the price of services were really fair! Highly recommended!

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Olivia S.

Team 3000 Realty

Roomvu is such a great service provider. As a starter in the industry, I have always had problems in finding companies that helps me to market my listings better to potential clients. Roomvu helps me do all that at a really affordable price! Thank you so much Roomvu!

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Ned & Tanya

Team 3000 Realty

Started with a purchase of their listing video services and we are now buying more and more from them. They are highly affordable and the customer services experience is amazing. They always get the job done quick and the jobs are always done right! Good job!

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Jade Lim

Macdonald Realty

It has been quite an experience since I started using Roomvu about a year months ago. I have gotten better recognition from my clients both online and offline. I am also able to showcase my listings during open-houses so much better! Thank you Roomvu for the outstanding services!

Vancouver Photography Company Comparison

Vancouver Photography Company Descriptions


Vancouver Photography Living in a beautiful city like Vancouver has many perks, the ocean, the warm climate, the young and high-spirited city life. However, the cost of living including housing can oftentimes fear people from choosing to settle down in the lively city. Although, despite the cost of living, in recent years, Vancouver has been crowned as not only the most vibrant city in Canada but also the city with the fastest growing economy with many booming sectors. As a result, this has lead to an increase in development and competition among property companies. So what does this mean for real estate agents in Vancouver? This means that marketing has become more important than ever as consumers are having more choice on the market. However, this should not shy real estate agents away from the real estate market. Instead, it should drive them to become more competitive as, in the long run, marketing can have many benefits such as: more leads generated by great first impressions, enhanced features that strike the buyers eye and a more put together agent portfolio for greater exposure on the market. Moreover, it can be intimidating trying to sell in Vancouver’s real estate market, especially since the economy has pushed to more development and competition. However, intimidation should not be feared but rather embraced because real estate photography has made it so agents can stay on top of their competition. Nonetheless, without real estate photography in Vancouver’s economy, many real estate agents can be at a major disadvantage. This said we have generated a competitive matrix along with a description for many different professional real estate photography services, in and around Vancouver, to help you find the best real estate photographer and stay competitive in Vancouver's booming economy. 360 Home Tours 360 Home Tours offers a wide variety of professional photography and marketing services for both residential and commercial real estate listings. That said, 360 Home Tours offers a professional photography plan starting at $185 on listings less than 1,500 in square feet (the price increases as square footage does). In receiving 20 photographs, 360 Home Tours, offers HDR photography and a 48-hour turnaround rate. However, 360 Home Tours does not guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time and instead offers a 48 hour turnaround time which can be difficult if there is a time crunch for photography. 5 Star Images At 5 Star Images, they give clients a flat rate of $149 for 20 HDR photographs in the Greater Vancouver area. WithHDR photographs and a 24 hour turnaround time, 5 Star Images offers a reasonable amount of services for their pricing. But 5 Star Images does not offer complimentary service offerings unlike many of their competitors. Pixilink With services offered in Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary and Toronto, Pixilink offers their basic still professional photography package at $120 for 20 flash photos for listings under 1,000 square feet (price increases with square footage). However, they only offer HDR photography for their more premium packages at $150 for 20 photos on listings under 1,500 square feet. With their basic package, they only offer basic flash photography. But they do throw in a free feature sheet unlike most of their competitors. ISHOT For listings under 1,000 square feet, ISHOT offers $140 for an agreed-upon amount of photos. In addition, ISHOT offers HDR photography services and guarantee a turnaround time of 24 hours. However, it may be wise to contact them before arrangement, not only get a clearer idea of what location they offer their services but to also get a clearer idea about how many photos you get with the package as it can be a major determinant in choosing a professional real estate photographer. Vancouver Real Estate Photography Since 2004, Stephanie Roberts has specialized in scenic and art photography typically displaying her work in galleries and coffee shops. Since the companies growth, both Stephanie and her husband, David, have ventured into real estate photography which includes their most basic package at $149 for an agreed amount of photographs. Although Vancouver Real Estate Photography does not entail a 24 hour turnaround time, nor a complimentary service, they do offer HDR photography unlike some of their competitors. Beanstock Box Photography Based in Vancouver, Canada, Beanstock Box Photography offers 15 still photographs at $110 for on listings less than 1,000 square feet (price increases with square footage). Although Beanstock Box does not offer a 24-hour turnaround rate like their competitors, they do offer no additional charges for travel fees to Metro Vancouver. It is also important to note that Beanstock Box does not offer HDR photography which can have a major impact on quality and detail of the photograph. Cotala With a basic real estate photography package starting at $99 for listings less than 1,000 square feet, Cotala offers HDR photography in Langley, BC. However, unlike competitors, they do not offer a 24 hour turnaround (which can be crucial in our fast-paced economy) nor a free complimentary service like Roomvu and Pixilink. They also do not mention how many photographs you get with their photography services which means further contact is required. Prep Tours Starting at $139 for Prep Tours gives you 60 photographs. Although, $139 is the lowest price Prep Tours offers, depending on where you are located (Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Edmonton, Regina & Saskatoon), prices can increase. For example, Alberta rates start at $139, whereas British Columbia rates start at $194. And although Prep Tours does not offer HDR photography, they do offer a 24-hour turnaround rate.

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