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Roomvu is a professional real estate marketing platform built specifically with real-estate agents marketing needs in mind. Our goal is to leverage technologies in order to make high-quality marketing services more affordable for all real estate agents across Canada.

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Jack Xu

NuStream Realty

Been a customer for a year and I never regretted it! Roomvu has helped me to save so much time in doing things like online marketing and open house branding. The quality of works provided were all excellent and the price of services were really fair! Highly recommended!

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Olivia S.

Team 3000 Realty

Roomvu is such a great service provider. As a starter in the industry, I have always had problems in finding companies that helps me to market my listings better to potential clients. Roomvu helps me do all that at a really affordable price! Thank you so much Roomvu!

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Ned & Tanya

Team 3000 Realty

Started with a purchase of their listing video services and we are now buying more and more from them. They are highly affordable and the customer services experience is amazing. They always get the job done quick and the jobs are always done right! Good job!

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Jade Lim

Macdonald Realty

It has been quite an experience since I started using Roomvu about a year months ago. I have gotten better recognition from my clients both online and offline. I am also able to showcase my listings during open-houses so much better! Thank you Roomvu for the outstanding services!

Toronto Photography Company Descriptions


Home Photos Home Photos offers their basic photography of $80 for listings less than 2,500 for approximately 20-30 photographs. However, prices are subject to square feet which means that, depending on the listing, things can get pricey for large and unique homes. Although HomePhotos has a quick turnaround time of 24 hours, they do not guarantee HDR photography like their competitors. FARfoto8 Real Estate Media At Farfoto8 Real Estate Media they offer their basic professional photography package at $149 on properties less than 1,500 square feet. By purchasing this photography package, consumers will receive high-quality professional photographs as mentioned on their website. Although FARfoto Real Estate Media does not specify how many photographs consumers receive, they do offer many other great features such as HDR photography (with a $50 surcharge), a 24-hour turn around rate and a free unbranded webpage. But, do be aware that at FARfoto8 Real Estate Media, because they do not specify how many photos customers get, it could be a sales ploy. Winsold Owned by GTA Hot Listings, Winsold specializes in 3D tours, real estate photography, floor plans and commercial photography and videography. In serving over 1,000 realtors since 2005, Winsold offers their basic photography package starting at a flat rate of $147 for 40 photographs in Markham, ON area. In this basic photography package, consumers can expect to get HDR photography and a free unbranded webpage for agents to show clients their listings. However, unfortunately, Winsold does not specify whether or not if they offer a fast turnaround time which can be a major disadvantage in comparison to competitors. To find out if Winsold offers a turnaround time, consumers would need to contact Winsold directly. Additionally, Winsold is has a heavier price tag for a flat rate in comparison with some competitors such as Roomvu, Property Pandas and HS Media. Nav Real Estate Photos With images often used in advertising and online blogs, Nav Real Estate Photos specializes in architecture and interiors. With a promise of next day delivery and great complimentary services such as a free video slideshow and a virtual tour, Nav Real Estate Photos offers their basic photography package at $320 for up to 25 photos. However, Nav Photos does not specify whether they offer HDR photography so further contact is required but without HDR photography, high-quality photographs are at risk. Additionally, NAV Real Estate Photos is at the highest price among the competitors but does not seem to offer anything that the competitors do not. Toronto Pix With 25+ years of experience, Toronto-Pix has been featured in The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and the National Post. However, with lots of experience and feature postings, Toronto-Pix also comes with a heavier price tag which increases with the size of the listing. For $149 agents can get 20 photos but only for condos under 800 square feet. On the upper side, agents can get 50-70 photos for $299 on listings 2,500+ square feet. Toronto Pix does not offer HDR photography, but does offer a 24 hour turnaround time. Imaginahome Inc. Founded in 2002, Imaginahome offers professional photographers who have photographed thousands of properties. For $165, Imaginahome provides agents with 30 high-resolution professional photos with a turnaround time of 24 hours and a complimentary online gallery. However, Imaginahome is restricted to services in the Toronto and GTA area, limiting listings outside of the area. Additionally, Imagineahome carries a much heftier price tag than some competitors such as Roomvu, HS Media, Property Pandas and Winsold. PropertyPandas If you have a great heart, PropertyPandas offers real estate photography and virtual tours which includes: web, print, MLS ready photos, virtual tours and staging, feature sheets and brochures, matter port and 3D tours and has a unique value proposition where a portion of the proceeds goes to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) to help protect the endangered panda species. Alike HS Media, PropertyPandas also offers an unlimited amount of HDR photos for a great price of $99, however, also does not guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time which can be a major burden in today’s fast-paced economy. HS Media HS Media promises professional real estate photography exclusively for luxury listings in the greater Toronto area. HS Media offers a great price of $99 for an unlimited amount of photos but does not guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time which can be critical in a fast-paced competitive environment. Additionally, services from HS Media is specifically targeted towards luxury listings which can be great for those looking for very specific, niche services however, out of range for those looking for basic services. Although HS Media does offer HDR photography, agents only get 1-2 photos.

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