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“Smart Search is specific and clear. It’s a more real connection between you and what you want. It covered most of my expectations.”
- Megan P

“I like Smart Search. It’s more personal. Step by step more approachable. I like that it shows percentage (for each home).”

- Alana T

“Smart Search is asking what I want. Filters just remove things. Questions (in Smart Search) look for things. It doesn’t remove things not having 3 bedrooms. 2 and half just got a low rank.”

- Jeanette K

Step 1

The Home Matchmaker asks you a series of smart questions to get a better sense of your wants and needs.

Step 2

Explore revelant MLS listings based on their match percentage to your needs.

Step 3

See exactly why each home does or doesn’t suit your needs.

Why this home suits my needs?

  • Meets budget!

  • Property is a Condo

  • $133 of cashflow every month

  • Rent allowed

What doesn't suit my needs?

  • Only 2 bedrooms

  • $249.22 of strata fee every month

  • 1 parking only

  • Old property