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Located East of Stanley Park, across the Lions Gate Bridge, Lower Lonsdale is a historic waterfront neighborhood known back in the day for its lumber and shipbuilding industry. Today, Lower Lonsdale is more so known for its close community culture, shopping, and variety of public spaces.

Neighbourhood Vibes


Lonsdale Quay Market

Shop fresh and local at the Lonsdale Quay Market. This market not only showcases some of North Vancouver’s best views but it also hosts over 80 specialty shops and services.

Victoria Park

Relax and take in the remarkable scenery at Victoia Park in Lower Lonsdale. This park is mostly known for its luscious greenery and wide-variety of shrubs and other plants that will be sure to take your breath away.

Shipyards Night Market

Open in the spring and fall only, the Shipyards Night Market is an absolute must for awesome food and services at great budgets. In addition, they have great live music and unique food trucks.

Waterfront Park Block

Being a short 20-minute SeaBus ride across Burrard Inlet, Waterfront Park makes a great destination for a relaxing, exercise or a family day out.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Get over your fear of heights at this world-wide tourist attraction crossing over Capilano River. Currently, the suspension bridge is 140 meters long 70 meters high.

Park and Tilford Gardens

Filled with flowers, fountains, waterfalls, and aviaries, the Park and Tilford Gardens is truly a remarkable place to visit for both locals and visitors. With being 1.5-acres, this park and gardens is beautiful no matter what time of day.

Around the Corner



Lynn Valley

Pemberton Heights

Windsor Park

West Vancouver


There are many ways to get around in Lower Lonsdale and driving and transit seem to be the most popular. Although they do not have access to the Skytrain, they do have the Phibbs Exchange which is North Vancouver’s major bus depot.

Restaurant & Retail

The District Brasserie

13 Lonsdale Ave

Located on 13 Lonsdale Ave, The District Brasserie is a European pub featuring a variety of different and local beers on tap and many different pub food options to choose from.


2 Lonsdale Ave

Located on 2 Lonsdale Ave, get your hands on some of the best-west local dishes. With Canadian, American and a touch of international, Burgoo offers fantastic comfort food.

Gusto di Quattro

Serving pasta and other in-house season Italian dishes, Gusto Di Quattro is highly rated for not only taste but atmosphere as well.