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Located in South Vancouver, Marpole is also known as the most residential neighbourhood in Southern Vancouver. With many changes that underwent in the 20th century such as the development of many new neighbourhoods and news routes leading to the Vancouver International Airport, Marpole is home for many families.

Neighbourhood Vibes


Metro Theatre

With a 308-seat auditorium, the Metro theatre hosts many local performing arts, plays and shows to keep you entertained throughout the year. Located on 1370 Marine Drive, this Metro Theater is perfect for all ages and even has reasonable pricing.

Marine Gateway

Offering a variety of everyday stores, restaurants, take-out, theatres and more, located on 447-497 Marine Drive, Marine Gateway is a great shopping area to spend the day exploring the ins and outs of the community.

Richmond Night Market

Although not located in Marpole directly (just outside of Marpole more so in the Richmond region, the Richmond Night Market is a total must-see during the summer. Offering food, small pop-up shops, games, and rides, the Richmond Night Market is always busy with locals, tourists, families and foodies.

VanDusen Botanical Gardens

Filled with beautiful greenery, flowers and hundreds of different plant species, the VanDusen Botanical gardens is a breath-taking place to visit in Marpole. With events, courses and membership options the VanBusen Botanical gardens are open from 10-3:00 pm on most days and admission is less than $10.

Around the Corner


South Cambie



Champlain Heights

Cambie Street

Granville Street

George Pearson Center (health care)

Vancouver International Airport


David Lloyd George Elementary School

Sir Wilfred Laurier Elementary

Mckechnie Elementary School

J.W. Sexsmith Elementary School

St. Anthony Independent Catholic School

Magee Secondary School


Marpole is well served by public transit with access to the Skytrain, many bus routes, walking paths and bus lanes. Marpole even has the Vancouver International Airport nearby, which is great for frequent travellers. However, due to frequent traffic jams on the Oak and Arthur Laing Bridges, these areas can become quite frustrating in the peak traffic times.

Restaurant & Retail

Milltown Bar and Grill

9191 Bently Street

LOCATED ON 9191 Bently Street, Milltown Bar Grill is the perfect place to wind down after a long day with great food, a beautiful patio dining space and water views.

Applause Japanese Resturant

8269 Oak Street, Vancouver

Located on 8269 Oak Street, Vancouver, the Applause Japanese Resturant has some of the best sushi, rice bowls, tempura and doodles according to reviews left locals and travellers on Yelp.


7964 Granville Street

Located on 7964 Granville Street, Mirchi is family-owned offering Pakistani and Indian meals to either take-out or dine-in, perfect for authenticly made and classic dishes.