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There are 223 agents with active listings in Edmonton

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Agent Name Agent Organization
Shamalan Naidu Century 21 Masters
Jessie L. Mccracken YEGPro Realty
John P. Carle Homes & Gardens Real Estate Limited
Peter K. Kubiczek Keystone Realty
Marlene J. Pahl Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Bill Reid Homes & Gardens Real Estate Limited
Zamir Hussain Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Sharon A. Trelenberg Realty Executives Encore
Denise A. Royer RE/MAX Professionals
Joel P. Teeling MaxWell Polaris
Terrie M. Reekie RE/MAX Real Estate
Sukhdev Agnihotri MaxWell Polaris
Joanna Benvenuto RE/MAX River City
Bashar Ramahi RE/MAX Elite
Lucia Arnieri Re/Max Select
Maria M. Dey MaxWell Polaris
Neil S. Thompson MaxWell Polaris
Delores Knudsen RE/MAX Excellence
Marcie L. Bull The Good Real Estate Company
Stephen A. Koehn RE/MAX River City
Michael J. Waddell Re/Max Select
Tanya R. Wold Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Richard B. Wallman RE/MAX Real Estate
Jefri C. Estrada Sterling Real Estate
Sharon M. Josey Re/Max Select
Doug M. Mcrae RE/MAX Professionals
Chris Mooney FSBO Real Estate
Sweg S. Deol Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Jerry D. Aulenbach Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Don L. Tomko The Good Real Estate Company
Johnny V. Bede Realty Executives Encore
Wade W. Klimchuk RE/MAX Excellence
Edward G. Gebran MaxWell Polaris
Jennifer M. Kennedy Kennedy Real Estate
Kathy Schmidt Schmidt Realty Group Inc
Paul S. Chell RE/MAX Real Estate
Guy Pelletier Century 21 Reward Realty
Jesse D. Maclean Century 21 Masters
Maya C. Day RE/MAX Elite
Richard J. Faucher Realty Executives Discover
Michele L. Watts-Aylwin RE/MAX Real Estate Centre
Ayaz A. Bhanji RE/MAX Excellence
Taras Chmil MaxWell Polaris
Graham Ogden RE/MAX River City
Dave B. Johnston RE/MAX Real Estate
Sandra C. Bird Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
William Hickey YEGPro Realty
Jeffrey Keasey Century 21 Urban Realty
Leroy L. Warden RE/MAX Real Estate
Jane E. Kelly Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Gene Fung Royal Lepage Summit Realty
Marvin W. Sommers Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Vincenzo P. Caputo Nai Commercial Real Estate Inc
Gurdeep S. Mann RE/MAX Real Estate
David C. St. Jean RE/MAX River City
Kevin B. Grenier MaxWell Polaris
Doug Smilski Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Ian C. West MaxWell Progressive
Camron Rahmanian MaxWell Polaris
Bryan S. Mundo Century 21 Masters
Keith Hare Realty Executives North Star
Tyler J. Suchan RE/MAX Real Estate
Ian S. Fletcher MaxWell Polaris
Richard B. Faragini RE/MAX Real Estate
Chris C. Akins Re/Max Select
Trina P. Hodges RE/MAX Elite
Robin V. Hage RE/MAX River City
Doreen A. Edwards RE/MAX Real Estate
Serge Bourgoin Exp Realty
Rob D. Jastrzebski RE/MAX Elite
Valerie P. Faucon RE/MAX Excellence
Mark A. Friesen Coldwell Banker Venture Realty
Eireann Rochefort RE/MAX Elite
Jaz S. Sandhu RE/MAX Real Estate
Shelly M. Shumaker Century 21 Reward Realty
Alexis M. Hlady MaxWell Challenge Realty
Pawanbir S. Dhaliwal MaxWell Progressive
Joanna F. Affolter Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Ed S. Massa RE/MAX Elite
Nancy Narayan RE/MAX Real Estate
Gino Daniele RE/MAX Elite
Natasha M. Locke Initia Property Marketing
Juliana M. Salvador 2% Realty Pro
Tony T. Estephan RE/MAX Elite
Eddie J. Castillo Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Carter Masse RE/MAX Elite
Gurvinder Virk MaxWell Polaris
Tracy D. Loveridge NOW Real Estate Group
Nichola E. Ryhanen RE/MAX River City
Zein Abaza RE/MAX Real Estate
Sam H. Shah RE/MAX Excellence
Sunny Sidhu RE/MAX River City
Cheryl L. Kurek RE/MAX Elite
Jefri C. Estrada Estrada Real Estate Group
Christie L. Bergman Realty Executives Encore
Mark A. Malcolm RE/MAX River City
Jason Paul MaxWell Progressive
Gurpreet S. Ghatehora RE/MAX River City
Shandrie E. Lewis RE/MAX Professionals
Jodie M. Allen RE/MAX Elite
Billie L. Compton Realty Executives North Star
Raejha Douziech Century 21 Masters
Monte P. Gannon RE/MAX Real Estate
Jodi L F Dahl YEGPro Realty
Jeff Warner Homes & Gardens Real Estate Limited
Joshua T. Currie MaxWell Challenge Realty
Morgan G. Russell RE/MAX River City
Alexandra Krutzfeldt RE/MAX Real Estate Centre
Emira Hadzic RE/MAX Excellence
Jeff J. Lorenz MaxWell Devonshire
Fanlu Meng Coldwell Banker Venture Realty
William R. Bowers Realty Executives Encore
Robert Eskiw Re/Max Select
Tyler J. Ellis RE/MAX River City
Mike Peric RE/MAX Excellence
Ivan J. Abelar Coldwell Banker Venture Realty
Sam Elias RE/MAX Professionals
Ken R. Morrison RE/MAX Excellence
Morgan G. Russell RE/MAX Excellence
Lorri L. Brewer Infinite Realty Service
Tanya Fowler 2% Realty Pro
Danelle L. Bolinski NOW Real Estate Group
Cody C. Leclair RE/MAX Elite
Tim A. Hennigar Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Justin D. Layton RE/MAX River City
Adam Wilson RE/MAX Real Estate
Nigel A. Mclean Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Milijana Tesanovic RE/MAX Real Estate
Rachel S T Fung MaxWell Polaris
Jason R. Macmillan RE/MAX Elite
Teresa L. Hall RE/MAX River City
Rick A. Reinhardt RE/MAX Real Estate
Sharon C. Ryan RE/MAX River City
Basar Ozgun Coldwell Banker Venture Realty
Nel A. Anderson Homes & Gardens Real Estate Limited
Laryssa M. Banks Kennedy Real Estate
Michelle M. Gillespie Re/Max Select
Stuart W. Reid Homes & Gardens Real Estate Limited
Luke R. Ruttle The Good Real Estate Company
Arvinder S. Clair MaxWell Polaris
Soolgi Moon MaxWell Polaris
Nabil C. John MaxWell Polaris
Peter B. Taylor RE/MAX Real Estate
Dustin Beech MaxWell Progressive
Samantha R. Cowan Comfree Commonsense Network
Robert Eskiw RE/MAX Real Estate
David K. Goodchild RE/MAX Elite
Wilson W. Lam RE/MAX Elite
Dianna Miketon 2% Realty Pro
Eric S. Beaverford MaxWell Polaris
Gagandeep S. Sahota MaxWell Devonshire Realty
Randall R. Weese Comfree Commonsense Network
Matt S. Ferguson RE/MAX River City
Todd R. Burke RE/MAX Real Estate
Danica Hubbard RE/MAX Elite
Syndon E. Brown MaxWell Challenge Realty
James R. Statt MaxWell Devonshire
Mona C. Lahaie RE/MAX Elite
Gordon A. Young Homes & Gardens Real Estate Limited
Aleks S. Radojcic Re/Max Select
David C. St Jean RE/MAX Elite
Jodi L F Dahl RE/MAX River City
April J. Sturko Century 21 Masters
Sandra A. Rudd RE/MAX Elite
Dwayne K. Patrie RE/MAX Real Estate
Brad Richardson MaxWell Progressive
Shari D. Love MaxWell Polaris
Amanda M. Crow Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Shannon L. Ferry Century 21 Masters
Patrick W. Shearer Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Val Toffoli MaxWell Polaris
Christian L. Currie Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Tristan L. Mula Coldwell Banker Venture Realty
Sabrina L. Bright Schmidt Realty Group Inc
Reanna D. Bowden YEGPro Realty
Derek Hulewicz Re/Max Select
Deni Beauvais Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Sheri D. Kowalchuk MaxWell Devonshire Realty
Chris C. Akins RE/MAX Real Estate
Dave J. Ryan RE/MAX Real Estate
Milan Galandak RE/MAX River City
Tyler J. Ellis Realty ONE Group Metro
Irina Mierzewski MaxWell Polaris
Matthew G. Gillam Royal Lepage Premier Real Estate
Bill Wong Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Andrew Boitchenko RE/MAX Excellence
Safeer M. Nazir MaxWell Polaris
Carla L. Landry Century 21 Lakeland Real Estate
Ross S. Storoshenko Re/Max Select
Wendy Hamel Re/Max Select
Justin M. Edgington MaxWell Devonshire Realty
Caitlin Kanizaj MaxWell Progressive
Arthur Jastrzebski Century 21 A.L.L. Stars Realty Ltd
Rad Ugljesic RE/MAX Excellence
Ryan C. Philipenko RE/MAX Real Estate
Tobi M. Connors RE/MAX Excellence
Adam T. Dirksen RE/MAX Elite
Luc Ko Century 21 Urban Realty
Chris Grey RE/MAX Excellence
Romi Sarna MaxWell Polaris