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Agent Name Agent Organization
Don Mckay Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Rosanna A. Fischer RE/MAX River City
Rishi Ghai RE/MAX Excellence
Xiaosong Lu MaxWell Polaris
Andy J. Verhagen RE/MAX Elite
Bob Maskell Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Darrell B. Morrow RE/MAX River City
Brad S. Pipella Century 21 Masters
James J. Knull Exp Realty
Angela D. Tassone Sellerinvite.Com (Edmonton)
Justin E. Lafavor MaxWell Challenge Realty
Nicholas J. Golden RE/MAX Professionals
Ian Choi MaxWell Polaris
Simon Chong RE/MAX Real Estate
Dustin Batuik Sterling Real Estate
Connor M. Mcauley 2% Realty Pro
Aaron L. Fehlauer RE/MAX Excellence
Craig Murray Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Lakhwinder Brar RE/MAX River City
Joan G. Lynch RE/MAX Real Estate Centre
Jack E. Billingsley 2% Realty Pro
Ann Dawrant RE/MAX Real Estate Centre
Vincenzo C. Fiacco RE/MAX Excellence
Geri Zimmel MaxWell Challenge Realty
Cindy L. Gannon RE/MAX Real Estate
Abe M. Othman RE/MAX Elite
Meadow Kenney The Good Real Estate Company
Gregory L. Warwa Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Carlton I. Rose MaxWell Challenge Realty
Michael R. Speers MaxWell Challenge Realty
Dragic Janjic RE/MAX River City
Sandy Pon RE/MAX Excellence
Lena M. Mills RE/MAX Elite
Dong Liu MaxWell Polaris
Terry Paranych RE/MAX Excellence
Jeremy J. Amyotte RE/MAX Elite
Mike Halaby Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Jesse D. Loader Exp Realty
David Lam Exp Realty
Raj K. Sharma Royal Lepage Summit Realty
Sukhwinder Randhawa RE/MAX River City
Ke Wang MaxWell Polaris
Lisa Leung Royal Lepage Preferred Real Estate
Zakari B. Mimouni Re/Max Select
Manoj K. Karwal MaxWell Polaris
Bernie A. Krec Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Teresa M. Mardon Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Kathy Sobh MaxWell Polaris
Melody M. Wilson RE/MAX Elite
Som Sitthammavong Comfree Commonsense Network
Sharon J. Banks MaxWell Progressive
Lance Joumblat Century 21 Masters
Lorraine Alfonsi MaxWell Devonshire Realty
Chloe A. Pleckaitis RE/MAX River City
Wally Fakhreddine RE/MAX Real Estate
Nicole J. Cooper Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Jaclyn N. Horne MaxWell Progressive
Christine L. Chorney RE/MAX River City
Ricardo D. Brito RE/MAX Elite
Bryce Willson 2% Realty Pro
Stephen Yip RE/MAX Real Estate Centre
Tracy L. Krawchuk 2% Realty Pro
Daniel M. Israel Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Leonard C. Burt Realty Executives Encore
Sid Yar RE/MAX Excellence
Ryan T. Gillen RE/MAX Real Estate
Bill S. Bhamra Liv Real Estate
Cory V. Clendenning Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Vincenzo C. Fiacco Re/Max Select
Stephen P. Kanizaj MaxWell Progressive
Ed Zabinski RE/MAX Excellence
Deanne E. Miketon 2% Realty Pro
John L. Mattiello RE/MAX Elite
Lynne K. Griffiths One Percent Realty
Barry D. Candelora MaxWell Polaris
Chi Hung Tam Re/Max Select
Christopher D. Greidanus RE/MAX Elite
Nicole J. Mazurak 2% Realty Pro
Craig Pilgrim RE/MAX Elite
Kalan M. Savill RE/MAX River City
Anne E. Fry RE/MAX Excellence
Michael H. Draper MaxWell Progressive
George W. Van De Walle RE/MAX Professionals
Gurinder S. Khosa Century 21 Signature Realty
David J. Schmitz RE/MAX Elite
Donna Van Lier-Grieve Re/Max Select
Robert F. Mcleod RE/MAX Real Estate
Brad Warkentin Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Dwight Hillas Realty Executives Encore
Cathy Cookson RE/MAX Excellence
Sally Munro Century 21 Platinum Realty
Tony Vo MaxWell Progressive
Terrie M. Reekie Re/Max Select
Lisa G. Makelki 2% Realty Pro
Justin L. Griffith The Good Real Estate Company
Dave B. Johnston Re/Max Select
Shane Parent RE/MAX River City
Kelly L. Grant MaxWell Devonshire Realty
Alison Murray RE/MAX Real Estate
Tiebo Cai Century 21 Masters
Ritu R. Bagga Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Leah Duvall Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Andrew M. Read The Good Real Estate Company
Dawn M. Fargey Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Jp Dumlao Exp Realty
Stephen H. Lau RE/MAX Real Estate
David M. Moriarity Century 21 Reward Realty
Dallas Moravec RE/MAX Real Estate
Fred Kassam RE/MAX Excellence
Chris Broadhurst RE/MAX River City
Mel A. Simmons RE/MAX Elite
Joe Pelletier Century 21 Reward Realty
Dave O. Schroder MaxWell Polaris
Jasmin C. Matias RE/MAX River City
Christopher R. Mazurak 2% Realty Pro
Dave A. Woolger MaxWell Progressive
Jack W. Bawden Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Jeremiah H. Townsend Realty Executives Encore
Chris L. Miller RE/MAX Real Estate
Matteo P. Saccomanno Re/Max Select
Stanley Quang RE/MAX Elite
Nikola Jankovic RE/MAX Elite
Brian C. Cyr RE/MAX Professionals
Peddy P. Tsui Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Kimberly A. Graham RE/MAX River City
Amritpal S. Hunjan Re/Max Select
Chi Hung Tam RE/MAX Real Estate
Logan Patterson Logic Realty
Dale W. Temple Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Michelle C. Zenon RE/MAX Real Estate
Susan C. Janzen MaxWell Challenge Realty
Ashley S. Dalgleish MaxWell Polaris
Teresa Koziel Homes & Gardens Real Estate Limited
Michael D. Melnychuk Century 21 A.L.L. Stars Realty Ltd
Sonia Tarabay RE/MAX Elite
Darin B. Baxandall RE/MAX Elite
Kristopher J. Heuven MaxWell Challenge Realty
Abe Sleiman Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Sheldon M. Kennedy Kennedy Real Estate
Deidre B. Harrison Liv Real Estate
Timothy L. Oliver Royal Lepage Preferred Real Estate
Connor A. Honey RE/MAX Excellence
Elan D. Lynes RE/MAX River City
Andrea Jurgens RE/MAX Elite
Jenny A. Narine RE/MAX Elite
Neil C. Rouse RE/MAX Professionals
Cathy L. Hawkins RE/MAX River City
Art P. Kominek Grand Realty
Kerrie R. Smart RE/MAX Excellence
Clint B. Kilkenny Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Geneva K. Tetreault Century 21 Masters
Samuel Ireland MaxWell Polaris
Tyler J. Suchan Re/Max Select
Mark B. Wilbert Coldwell Banker Venture Realty
Dawn K. Fraser Century 21 Masters
George W. Van De Walle RE/MAX Professionals
Amina Sai RE/MAX Elite
Bruce G. Weiss RE/MAX Excellence
Ryan Mccann MaxWell Polaris
Ciaran D. O'neill Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Kevin H. Rakowski RE/MAX Real Estate Centre
Chen P. Keng Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Nooran Ostadeian RE/MAX Elite
Kevin A. Machado Re/Max Select
Kelley Hajar Royal Lepage Premier Real Estate
Jean A. Sills MaxWell Challenge Realty
Scott Storry Royal Lepage Premier Real Estate
Alex Ward MaxWell Devonshire Realty
Keith Halabi Re/Max Select
Wayne C. Paradis RE/MAX River City
Marc S. Wener RE/MAX Excellence
Brenda L. King Exp Realty
Terry J. Hovell Re/Max Select
Ian K. Robertson RE/MAX Professionals
Kevin B. Doyle RE/MAX Elite
Diana A. Nguy Homes & Gardens Real Estate Limited
Navnit Kaur MaxWell Polaris
Fion F. Pon Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Sarah L. Keats Re/Max Select
Carrie A. Banham-Posty RE/MAX Professionals
Byron J. Marlin Realty Executives Vision
Bozena Odyjewska NOW Real Estate Group
Sam Wei MaxWell Devonshire Realty
Garry S. Sandhu Century 21 Signature Realty
Denise A. Royer RE/MAX Professionals
Russ Robideau Professional Realty Group
Vincent Hiew Sterling Real Estate
Zamir Hussain Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Sharon A. Trelenberg Realty Executives Encore
Shamalan Naidu Century 21 Masters
John P. Carle Homes & Gardens Real Estate Limited
Sukhdev Agnihotri MaxWell Polaris
Holden B. Engley RE/MAX River City
Peter K. Kubiczek Keystone Realty
Marlene J. Pahl Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Nidhi Kapoor MaxWell Polaris
Melody R. Kilbank Re/Max Select
Terrie M. Reekie RE/MAX Real Estate
Bill Ramsay Royal Lepage Preferred Real Estate
Bill Hatton Liv Real Estate