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Agent Name Agent Organization
Alan H. Gee RE/MAX Elite
Darlene Strang RE/MAX Real Estate
Mani Bagga Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Kaylie Cole Comfree Commonsense Network
Susan C. Evans Comfree Commonsense Network
Kerri-Lyn A. Holland RE/MAX River City
Michael D. Melnychuk Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Wally Karout Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Ryan P. Dutka RE/MAX River City
Brent Bommes MaxWell Devonshire
Rohan J. Mani Comfree Commonsense Network
Ryan R. Lauber RE/MAX Elite
Deborah A. Schindel Comfree Commonsense Network
Christopher Proctor MaxWell Devonshire Realty
George M. Fahmy Coldwell Banker Venture Realty
Duane Ritter RE/MAX Real Estate
Wendy M. Lam RE/MAX Elite
Christy M. Cantera RE/MAX River City
Rhonda C. Navratil RE/MAX River City
Paul M. Blais RE/MAX Elite
Norm Cholak Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Patti Proctor MaxWell Devonshire Realty
Jonathan C. Hull 2% Realty Pro
Rod F. Thompson Sellerinvite.Com (Edmonton)
Diana Fendrykowski RE/MAX Real Estate
Sara J. Kalke RE/MAX Real Estate
Julian P. Szklarz Coldwell Banker Venture Realty
Ricky D. Hill RE/MAX Real Estate Centre
Jacquie C. Smith 2% Realty Pro
Carl Bretzlaff RE/MAX Real Estate
Matthew G. Harrison MaxWell Challenge Realty
Sean T. Gerke Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Mirella A. Esposito Century 21 Masters
Adam T. Dirksen RE/MAX Real Estate Centre
James J. Knull RE/MAX Real Estate
Jennifer A. Osmond RE/MAX Excellence
Duane R.f. Ritter RE/MAX Real Estate
Todd W. Bradley Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Scott J. Macmillan RE/MAX Elite
Janice L. Kosak MaxWell Challenge Realty
Ray Elwenni Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Eddy A. D'ambrosio RE/MAX Elite
Larry D. Hahn RE/MAX Real Estate
Brent Macintosh RE/MAX River City
Taylor J. Hack RE/MAX River City
Peter F. Estephan RE/MAX Elite
Marcel E. Tessier RE/MAX Elite
Nadir Yegani Realty Executives North Star
Marty Smayda RE/MAX Elite
David M. Ozubko RE/MAX Elite
Juli M. Wenger RE/MAX River City
Edward J. Lastiwka Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Che Taylor Re/Max Select
Robert J. Leishman RE/MAX Excellence
Jason A. Thomas Royal Lepage Summit Realty
Doug Singleton Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Dwight Streu Realty Executives Encore
Sarah J. Leib RE/MAX River City
James H. Mabey Century 21 Masters
Bob Maskell Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Sergio Maione RE/MAX Elite
Christina A. Reid Realty Executives North Star
Kristy D. Tillapaugh Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Moe Charara Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Peter D. Schalin RE/MAX Elite
Lorraine M. Mah RE/MAX River City
John Rota RE/MAX Elite
Mathew T. Haupt Professional Realty Group
Patricia J. Liviniuk RE/MAX Real Estate
Brent R. Anderson MaxWell Challenge Realty
Che Taylor RE/MAX Real Estate
Billy M. Jomha RE/MAX Excellence
Craig E. Finnman RE/MAX Elite
Denis G. Rowley RE/MAX Real Estate Centre
Tammy A. Booth 2% Realty Pro
Tammy Machado Comfree Commonsense Network
Charlene A. Speers RE/MAX Real Estate
Simon Chong Re/Max Select
Namandeep S. Kular Royal Lepage Preferred Real Estate
Sara J. Kalke RE/MAX River City
Murray A. Glick RE/MAX Excellence
Darlene A. Reid Realty Executives Vision
Robin L. Smashnuk RE/MAX Excellence
Jordan C. Seitz RE/MAX Elite
Les Phillips RE/MAX Excellence
Jamie M. Savage RE/MAX Excellence
James J. Knull RE/MAX Real Estate
Bruce S. Macpherson Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Steve Balay Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Aron T. Scraba Sterling Real Estate
Greg Steele RE/MAX Excellence
Frank A. Vanderbleek Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Charles R. Weese Comfree Commonsense Network
Chris K. Karampelas MaxWell Polaris
Wendy L. Theberge RE/MAX Elite
Keith A. Faria Century 21 Masters
Arthur Jastrzebski Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Michael Pino RE/MAX Elite
Catherine Brooker RE/MAX Elite
Jaswinder K. Longowal RE/MAX Real Estate
Steve P. Kehoe 2% Realty Pro
Indy P. Khosah MaxWell Polaris
Conrad A. Bitangcol RE/MAX Professionals
Ryan R. Sellers RE/MAX Professionals
Elisse L. Moreno RE/MAX Real Estate
Erin L. Willman RE/MAX Professionals
Melanie C. Boles RE/MAX Real Estate
Francis Fan RE/MAX Real Estate Centre
Michael Zisin Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Karen G. Stanko Realty Executives Encore
Danh Tran RE/MAX Real Estate
Clare Packer RE/MAX Excellence
Rick Lough RE/MAX Excellence
Marc L. Perras MaxWell Progressive
Randall Weese Comfree Commonsense Network
Felicia A. Dean RE/MAX Excellence
Stuart D. Neal Ambergate Realty Advisors
Sterling A. Preddie Sterling Real Estate
Jakie K. Ng RE/MAX River City
Doug A. Donnelly Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Jeneen L. Marchant RE/MAX Real Estate
Edward J. Zrubak Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Petterson S. Lam 2% Realty Pro
Walter D. Diduck RE/MAX Real Estate
Tushar Bhutani RE/MAX Excellence
Curtis J. Leibel MaxWell Devonshire Realty
Eden H. Hampson RE/MAX Excellence
Ray Meredith RE/MAX Excellence
Richard K. Li MaxWell Devonshire Realty
Errol J. Scott RE/MAX Elite
David F. Demian RE/MAX Real Estate
Franco Maione RE/MAX Excellence
Shelly D. Reddy Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Greg J. Babski RE/MAX Elite
Jay A. Herrick RE/MAX Elite
Richard M. Halabi Century 21 Urban Realty
Stephen W. Segal RE/MAX Excellence
Steve W. Leddy RE/MAX Elite
Loida Lumanlan RE/MAX River City
Randy B. Bayrack Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Yuriy Fleysher RE/MAX Excellence
Yemi Adeniyi 2% Realty Pro
Thomas G. Harrington Sellerinvite.Com (Edmonton)
Ryan T. Gillen Re/Max Select
Eddy A. Jomha MaxWell Polaris
Justin J. Vega RE/MAX River City
Alex Ward MaxWell Devonshire Realty
Vincenzo C. Fiacco RE/MAX Real Estate
Bill Briggs RE/MAX Real Estate
Donna Choucair RE/MAX Excellence
Darrell W. Zapernick MaxWell Challenge Realty
Hai H. Ly Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Judy Clare-Packer RE/MAX Excellence
Gary R. Krutzfeldt RE/MAX Real Estate Centre
Carrine M. Kowalchuk MaxWell Challenge Realty
David Pipella Century 21 Masters
Damon T. Bunting RE/MAX Elite
Jeremy Herrington MaxWell Progressive
Christopher E. Hampson RE/MAX Excellence
Jolene M. Langelle RE/MAX Elite
Christina Bieniek RE/MAX Real Estate
Michael J. Mychalyshyn RE/MAX Elite
Todd R. Burke Re/Max Select
Jeffrey Scott RE/MAX River City
Selena Cheung Coldwell Banker Venture Realty
Michel Estephan RE/MAX Elite
Joshua L. Tkachuk 2% Realty Pro
Erick S. Yip RE/MAX Elite
Lynne M. Gullion MaxWell Polaris
Marc L. Perras MaxWell Progressive
Chao Yang MaxWell Challenge Realty
Adam J. Benke RE/MAX Elite
Greg G. Mcdannold RE/MAX Excellence
Jasen Courtepatte RE/MAX Excellence
Ricky Chowdhury Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Morgan A. Moen RE/MAX Real Estate
Michael Calverley MaxWell Progressive
Tom L. Gariano Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Carolyn N. Knispel RE/MAX River City
Gillian H. Stickney RE/MAX Elite
Audrey J. Donovan Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate
Joseph F. Paquette One Percent Realty
Peter Chen MaxWell Polaris
Jay J. Tomlinson RE/MAX Elite
Heather J. Morris Realty Executives Vision
Jamie M. Savage RE/MAX Professionals
Conor Salisbury Century 21 All Stars Realty Ltd
Jill Jordan RE/MAX Real Estate
Laddi Padda RE/MAX River City
Wally Fakhreddine Re/Max Select
Kimberly M. Leclair RE/MAX Elite
Jim Dhillon RE/MAX Elite
Al Dredge RE/MAX Real Estate
Jamie L. Bhatti Royal Lepage Arteam Realty
Monte P. Gannon Re/Max Select
Christine Tetreault One Percent Realty
John W. Carter RE/MAX River City
Carlton I. Rose MaxWell Challenge Realty
James J. Knull Exp Realty
Don Mckay Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate