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There are 198 agents with active listings in Coquitlam

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Agent Name Agent Organization
Shah Moghaddam Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Simon Coutts Prec* Macdonald Realty
Artyom Seroff Prec* Rennie & Associates Realty Ltd.
Theresa Gold RE/MAX results realty
Marg Berner Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Tim Hill Prec* RE/MAX Advantage Realty
Brian Song RE/MAX Crest Realty
Juliana Vallee Prec* Keller Williams Black Diamond
John Di Tosto Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Ethan Hekim RE/MAX All Points Realty
Scott Meadus Macdonald Realty
Kori Fonseca RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Bob Charbonneau RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Kitty Van Der Meer Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Claire Gong Prec* Nu Stream Realty Inc.
Robert Ling Prec* Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Greg Thornton RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
John Shapka RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Tim Seo Prec* Sutton Group - 1st West Realty
Joy Tark Prec* RE/MAX Advantage Realty
Mark Edmonds Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Nic Dominelli Prec* Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Rod Hayes Prec* Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Jason Chen Prec* RE/MAX Central
Melissa Slack Keller Williams Elite Realty
Michael Liu Prec* RE/MAX City Realty
Jim Young RE/MAX Central
Janice Christie Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Christopher Harburn Anthem Realty Ltd.
Art Seroff Rennie & Associates Realty
Camelia Manea RE/MAX City Realty
Romany Tang Sutton Group - 1st West Realty
Aly Sach Prec* Royal LePage West Real Estate Services
Aislynn Radley Prec* Sutton Centre Realty
Tara Caldwell RE/MAX All Points Realty Grp.
Ralph Tedford Prec* Royal LePage-Brookside Realty
Kim Nhai Nguyen Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Glenn Sinclair Keller Williams Elite Realty
Darcy Mcleod Prec* eXp Realty
Paul Beesla RE/MAX Blueprint Realty
April Lee Hanna Realty Ltd.
Yun Jung Prec* Royal Pacific Tri-Cities Rlty
Behfuruz Afshari Prec* Evergreen West Realty
Gary Owens Prec* Sutton Grp West Coast (Van49)
Jillian Stirling Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Darren Smurthwaite Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Jacob Boshoff Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Khanh Vo - Prec RE/MAX 2000 Realty
Luc Preville Royal LePage West R.E.S.
James Hau Faith Wilson Group
Gabriel Lee Hanna Realty Ltd.
Zach Pugh Keller Williams Elite Realty
Arif Chunara Prec* Coldwell Banker Westburn Rlty.
Wain Ho Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Mariana Ionascu Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Barbara Nocon RE/MAX Little Oak Realty
Dave Jenkins RE/MAX Masters Realty
Sheila Francis Prec* RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Liam Rines Keller Williams Elite Realty
Raymond Javier Park Georgia Realty Ltd.
Danielle Jones RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Winnie Lam Sutton Group - Vancouver First Realty
Vincent Huang RE/MAX City Realty
Robert Phillips Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Yicong Qin Prec* Magsen Realty Inc.
Bradley Parrotta Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Katrina Amurao - Prec RE/MAX 2000 Realty
Manyee Lui Macdonald Realty - Manyee Lui
David Tang RE/MAX Crest Realty
Peter Dushop RE/MAX LifeStyles Realty
Charles Nam Prec* Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Amar Shan Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Colin Thornton RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Ray Harris RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Kori Fonseca RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Joanne Scott RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Randal Cheng Prec* Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Andrew Lauwers Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Jessica Chen-Sargent Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Cameron Mcneill MLA Canada Realty
Gilles Laliberte Royal LePage West Real Estate Services
Molenia Golshani Evergreen West Realty
Jason Gu Prec* RE/MAX Central
Steven Oh Macdonald Realty
Eric Lyons RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Sylvia Xiao Shen Prec* Sutton Group - 1st West Realty
Yva Lam Anthem Realty Ltd.
Marie A Taverna Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Steve Hahn Sutton Premier Realty
Faith Aramesh Amex Broadway West Realty
Michael Uy Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Sophia Gee RE/MAX Central
Dwayne G Giesbrecht Johnston Meier Ins & Realty
Nav Shahram Sutton Select Property Mgmt
Monet Tyler Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Ali Asi Prec* Royalty Group Realty Inc.
Naru Menon Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Sandra Wyant RE/MAX LifeStyles Realty
Jessie Fan Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Jamilda Esper Sutton Select Property Mgmt
Eric Zamora Prec* Rennie & Associates Realty Ltd.
Eric Vallee Prec* Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Oleg Tsaryov Prec* Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Philip Haig RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Yu Zhang Royal Pacific Tri-Cities Rlty
Joe Bhango Prec* Sutton Centre Realty
Harjas Panesar Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Courtenay Edwardes Keller Williams Elite Realty
Zac Dhillon Prec* RE/MAX City Realty
Felix Fung Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Karen Yang Prec* Unilife Realty Inc.
Sherry Moallem Prec* RE/MAX Crest Realty
Jinder Jhajj - Prec Sutton Group-West Coast Realty (Surrey/120)
Owen Lu Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
David Tang RE/MAX Metro Realty
Fabrizio Zenone Prec* RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Ken Chan RE/MAX Crest Realty
James Hau Prec* Faith Wilson Group
Cosmo Spagnuolo Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Claire Li LeHomes Realty
Sonny Chetal Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Forrest Li Prec* Sovereign National Realty Inc.
Garth Lam Macdonald Realty
Raymond Liao Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Taylan Altiok Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Aman Brah Keller Williams Elite Realty
Helen Ma New Coast Realty
Cory O'brien Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Farnaz Kazemi Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Caesar Lee Royal Pacific Rlty. (Kingsway)
Kristi Hayward RE/MAX Advantage Realty
Shelley L Arding RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Mohamed H Sabry Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Mike Rasmussen RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Gary Jones RE/MAX Central
Shawn Shakibaei Sutton Group - 1st West Realty
Emma Van De Wetering Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Ron Antalek Prec* RE/MAX LifeStyles Realty
Charles Chen Prec* LeHomes Realty
Candace Cappellaro Prec* Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Anh Nguyen Royal Pacific Rlty. (Kingsway)
Mahamed Karim RE/MAX All Points Realty
John Tsai Prec* Rennie & Associates Realty
Andrew Wan Prec* Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Jeff Pennington RE/MAX All Points Realty
Lucian Grigore Royal LePage Sussex
Ya Ya Su Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Pedro Gomes Stonehaus Realty Corp.
Frances Punzo Boffo Real Estate Inc.
Joanne Mccrone Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Danny Chow Prec* Rennie & Associates Realty
Tyra Xu Magsen Realty Inc.
Melissa Sommerville-Alcalde Keller Williams Elite Realty
Leanne Drolet Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Bhupinder Sodhi Prec* RE/MAX City Realty (FraserSt)
Leo Leblanc Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Billy Bi Prec* Royal Pacific Tri-Cities Realty
Marlene Cornish Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Edmond Yu Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Arne Anderson Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Elliot Mandelcorn Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Michelle Ao Prec* Nu Stream Realty Inc.
Julia Zhou Prec* Royal Pacific Tri-Cities Realty
Kris Cyganiak Keller Williams Elite Realty
Camelia Manea RE/MAX City Realty
Lydia Hachey RE/MAX Performance Realty
Sam Qi Royal Pacific Tri-Cities Rlty
Carmen Scott Keller Williams Elite Realty
Donald Mcfadyen Royal LePage Sterling Realty
James Ho Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Breton Lee Prec* Royal Pacific Realty (Kingsway) Ltd.
Michelle Mcgarry RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
Claire Li Prec* LeHomes Realty
Ted Cho Prec* Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Jag Kahlon Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Felix Fung Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Jason Farzinpour Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Mike Bhayana Prec* RE/MAX City Realty (FraserSt)
Sarah Vand Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
James Jeckel Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Solomon Yasin Prec* Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Gary Fraipont RE/MAX LifeStyles Realty
Winnie Wu Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Peter Carleton RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
John Kemp Prec* Keller Williams Elite Realty
Pierre Van Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Joseph Liang Macdonald Realty Westmar
Prateek Kainth Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Mike Skvortsov One Percent Realty Ltd.
Monica Chang Mosaic Avenue Realty Ltd.
Dennis Timmermeister Coldwell Banker Westburn Rlty.
Olga Dee Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Hiroshi Kubota Keller Williams Elite Realty
Yongwook Lee Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Herbie Kalsi Royal Pacific Realty (Kingsway) Ltd.
Marshall Cowe Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Eric Xiao Prec* Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Alex Jopson Prec* Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Roger Chan Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Emily Coates Prec* Sutton Centre Realty