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Agent Name Agent Organization
Peter Lee Magsen Realty Inc.
Dan Card Macdonald Realty Ltd (Coq)
Nicholas Chabros Macdonald Realty Ltd (Coq)
Hafez Panju Prec* Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Jeffery Parlee RE/MAX Real Estate Services
Brian Wallis Park Georgia Realty Ltd.
Tracy Niu Prec* New Coast Realty
Hyun Chong Oh Macdonald Realty Ltd (NVan)
Josephine Woo Ledmac Realty Ltd.
Bessie Lau Royal Pacific Realty (Kingsway) Ltd.
Andy Wong Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Francesco De Frenza Sutton Centre Realty
Sanj Jagpal Multiple Realty Ltd.
Stephen Sandhu Prec* Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Annie Ip Selmak Realty Limited
Rehena Khan Sutton Group-West Coast Realty (Surrey/132)
Paul Liberatore Sutton Select Property Mgmt
Sahar Barati Prec* Royalty Group Realty Inc.
Lin Zhou Prec* Homeland Realty
Ben Ng Prec* Team 3000 Realty Ltd. (Van)
Elaine Wong Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Lawrence Smith Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Adil Khimani Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Andrew Wan Prec* Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Eric Li Nu Stream Realty Inc.
Maggie Zhu Prec* Nu Stream Realty Inc.
Alberto Iu Sutton Centre Realty
Angela Chase Prec* Sutton Select Property Mgmt
Clairy Yang Prec* Sutton Select Property Mgmt
Michael Chen Prec* Royal Pacific Rlty. (Kingsway)
Mary Cleaver RE/MAX Select Realty
Amy Trebelco RE/MAX Select Realty
Dave Balmer Fair Realty
Kyle Day New World Realty Ltd.
Michael Mitsiadis Metro Edge Realty
Marce Miller Metro Edge Realty
Leonardo Agra Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Peter Su Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Romeo Di Pietra Park Georgia Realty Ltd.
Wendy Mcleod RE/MAX Crest Realty
Elizabeth Chan Selmak Realty Limited
Jas Sandher RE/MAX All Points Realty Grp.
Ajit Thaliwal Prec* Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Raman Kooner Prec* Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Norman Juraski Hanna Realty Ltd.
Geoff Jarman Prec* Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Neha Unadkat Sutton Centre Realty
Nomi Malik Prec* Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Michelle Comens Prec* RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Peter Hall RE/MAX Central
Frederick Moy Sutton Centre Realty
Sheron Hsiang Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Vivian Pan Royal Pacific Tri-Cities Rlty
Steve Saretsky Prec* Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Nick Cao Prec* Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Tim Lu Prec* RE/MAX Central
Jenny Yu Royal Pacific Rlty. (Kingsway)
David Tang Prec* Power House Marketing Inc.
Fiona Chen Nu Stream Realty Inc.
Gordon Ge Prec* Multiple Realty Ltd.
Laurie Coppin RE/MAX All Points Realty
Carol Tan Royal Pacific Realty (Kingsway) Ltd.
Ben D'ovidio Prec* Sutton Centre Realty
Jim Young RE/MAX Central
William Nip Prec* Sutton Grp West Coast (VanCam)
Mylen Almendarez Coldwell Banker Westburn Rlty.
Jenny Au Kore Realty Central
Carolyn Blum RE/MAX Central
Eric Vallee Prec* Keller Williams Black Diamond
Roger Chan Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Douglas Wong Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Yilun Jiang Magsen Realty Inc.
Elio Parente Prec* RE/MAX City Realty
Elio Parente RE/MAX City Realty
Alfred C.m. Ng Royal Pacific Tri-Cities Realty
Fred Van Hunenstijn Multiple Realty Ltd.
Karen Carter RE/MAX Crest Realty
Carl Chen Prec* Sutton Grp-West Coast (Van49)
Gurdeep Paul Sutton Grp-West Coast (Van49)
Alnoor Karmali Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Henry Shao Prec Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Nick Moroso Prec* Dexter Associates Realty
Nick Moroso Prec* Dexter Realty
Bo Fan Regent Park Fairchild Rlty Inc
Ping Wu Royal Pacific Riverside Realty
Sophia Gee Prec* RE/MAX Central
Ken Lum RE/MAX Select Properties
Simon Poon Prec* Multiple Realty Ltd.
Norman Lum Prec* RE/MAX Crest Realty
Ryan Zhang Prec* Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Matthew Liang Prec* Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Matthew Liang Prec* Metro Edge Realty
Silvia Wong Homeland Realty
Dianne Fernandes Enns Royal LePage-Brookside Realty
Carman Chu Prec* Macdonald Realty Westmar
Cindy Zhang Prec* RE/MAX Central
Shane Chun Park Georgia Realty Ltd.
Colin Lo Prec* Rennie & Associates Realty
Edgar Sung Sutton Grp -Winnie Lam & Assoc
Winnie Lam Sutton Grp -Winnie Lam & Assoc
Angela Leung TRG Residential Downtown Rlty
Belisha Duan Amex - Sunrich Realty
Magda Borowski Century 21 In Town Realty
Helen Lam Prec* RE/MAX City Realty
Todd Conner Prec* RE/MAX Advantage Realty
Robert Herr My Single Property Postings
Ricky Lam Regent Park Realty Inc.
Ken Wang Royal Pacific Rlty. (Kingsway)
Charles Jiang Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Nancy Zhou Evergreen West Realty
Eric Vallee Prec* Keller Williams Black Diamond
Jayson Sidhu Prec* Keller Williams Black Diamond
Eric Vallee Prec* Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Terri Welch Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Gurdial S.(Dale) Badh RE/MAX Real Estate Services
Tracy Yuen Prec* Royal Pacific Realty (Kingsway) Ltd.
Jason Low Prec* Razor Projects
Alex Milne Prec* Century 21 In Town Realty
Shane Gray Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Pino Cusati Ascent Real Estate Mgmt Corp.
Angela Cheng Prec* Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Kelita Klein Keller Williams Elite Realty
Dina Ko Polygon Realty Limited
Christina Sutton Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Paul Pereira Royal Pacific Rlty. (Kingsway)
Vern Totten Prec* RE/MAX Little Oak Realty (Bby)
Patrick Hung Prec* Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Siamak Rahmanian Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Eric Xiao Prec* Sutton Grp West Coast (VanCam)
Patrick Ding Magsen Realty Inc.
Toni Sing Bel-Air Realty Group Ltd.
Warren Sing Prec* Bel-Air Realty Group Ltd.
Aaron Chen Metro Edge Realty
Samuel Mao Prec* Nu Stream Realty Inc.
Jenny Xu Prec* Sutton Grp-West Coast (w.blvd)
Jenny Yu Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Jessica Tam Sutton Grp -Winnie Lam & Assoc
Margaret Wheeler Westwynd Realty
Jason Wu Royal First Realty
Miles Chen Homeland Realty
Valerie Laurendeau RE/MAX Westcoast
Amy Lau Selmak Realty Limited
Chen Zhao Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Winnie Lam Sutton Grp-Vancouver First Rty
Chen Zhao Sutton Grp-Vancouver First Rty
Bruce Li Prec* RE/MAX Westcoast
William Pratt Prec* Royal LePage Sussex
Jeremy Kyle RE/MAX All Points Realty
Jordan Wong Rennie & Associates Realty
Elaine Lo Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Nick Chen Prec* RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Eddie Yan Prec* Sutton Centre Realty
Wayne Ng Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Cathy Yeung Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Francisca Xu Prec* Royal LePage Sussex
Andy Li Interlink Realty
Charles Zhou Prec* Maxcel Westcoast Realty Ltd.
Xiong Bao Maxcel Westcoast Realty Ltd.
David Reiter RE/MAX Central
Jon Samuel Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Ryan Zhang Prec* Sutton Group - Youlive Realty
Christina Hsieh Metro Edge Realty
Angel Shu New Power Realty Inc.
Tracy Niu Prec* Royal Pacific Realty (Kingsway) Ltd.
Samuel Lam Prec* Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Jonathan Lu Prec* KellerWilliamsRealtyVanCentral
Herb Chan Jovi Realty Inc.
Waylin Cheng Polygon Realty Limited
Trevor Beauchamp Royal LePage Northstar Realty (S. Surrey)
Alex Wong Engel & Volkers Vancouver
Nina Margiottiello Engel & Volkers Vancouver
Afsaneh Saffari Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Hayes Ng Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
David Kenny Prec* Sutton Grp-West Coast (Brdwy)
Matt Kerr Prec* RE/MAX Real Estate Services
Peter Liu Prec* RE/MAX Central
Frank Peng Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Ken Cui Prec* Nu Stream Realty Inc.
Melissa Sommerville-Alcalde Keller Williams Elite Realty
William Woo Selmak Realty Limited
Keith Tsang Macdonald Realty Westmar
Brian Vidas Prec* Sutton Centre Realty
Eddy Chau Amex Broadway West Realty
Gino Choi Amex Broadway West Realty
George Gomory RE/MAX Central
Raymond Lam Sutton Grp-West Coast (Van49)
Dan Pigott RE/MAX Crest Realty
Richard Cheung Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Monty Law Sutton Grp-West Coast (Van49)
Dominic Shu Prec* Sutton Grp-West Coast (VanCam)
Gordon Wang Maxcel Westcoast Realty Ltd.
Andy Seto Prec* Rennie & Associates Realty
Spomenka Nikic Sutton Centre Realty
Boris Nikic Sutton Centre Realty
Corrine Donohoe Royal LePage Sussex
Donna Tays RE/MAX Advantage Realty
Jeffery Jiang Multiple Realty Ltd.
Sonia (Yi-Hua) Wang Prec* Sunstar Realty Ltd.
Ramona Wu Prec* Macdonald Realty
Bruce Ma Prec* Regent Park Realty Inc.